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Terms & Conditions





No licence is required for Marie Claire, Jean & Patricia but the hirer must be over twenty one (21) years of age for the smaller boats and over 25 years of age for Tweed Princess and Island Dream.

Passengers must not exceed the number of surveyed berths.

NO pets, firearms, fireworks or candles are permitted on board by law. If you set off any fireworks, light any candles or bring on any pets you will lose your bond.

The houseboats are not permitted to travel after sunset or before sunrise, therefore no operation of the vessel at night under any circumstance unless to avoid imminent danger.

The houseboats are not permitted to dock at any marina’s, public jetties or wharves. You cannot beach the houseboat, tie up to any trees etc. You MUST use the tender/dinghy for transfers.

The hirer will obey all instructions and navigational rules and stay within the waters of the Tweed River as per NSW Maritime Survey Certificate

If the hirer is found to be acting in a manner which could cause damage to the houseboat or other vessels, acting contrary to the hire agreement or NSW Maritime regulations, passengers WILL be evicted from the houseboat with no refund of hire at anytime at the discretion of Boyd’s Bay Houseboat Holidays.

If any malfunction of the houseboat, motor or accessories, damage or loss of equipment occurs, the hirer MUST notify the management as soon as possible.

If a call out is due to the hirer’s negligence, a call out fee of $75 will be payable and an additional $75 per hour will apply plus the cost of the equipment repair. If a call out is required for a blocked toilet and the hirer is found to be negligent then a $250 call out fee will be charged then an addition $75 per hour thereafter.

The houseboat and tender boat is to be returned in a clean and tidy state, or an additional fee of $100 per hour for cleaning will be charged.

Pick up times are from 8 -9amNSW time on the last day of your trip, please advise our staff if you need to be picked up earlier.

Late returns will be charged at $100 per hour, or part thereof.

Boyd’s Bay Houseboat Holidays are not responsible for the weather, we advise all customers to take out TRAVEL INSURANCE for their trip to cover in the event of bad weather. No refunds will be given due to bad weather.

Houseboat boarding is from the Tweed Marina, River Terrace, Tweed Heads.


Enjoy your trip…

Cancellation Policy

More than Forty-five (45) days notice – refund in full, less administration fee of $100
Forty Five (45) to Thirty (30) days notice – THE DEPOSIT or FULL AMOUNT PAID is FORFEITED, unless the boat can be rebooked for the full price. An additional $300 administration fee with be charged for these cancellations.
Thirty (30) days or less – THE DEPOSIT and FULL AMOUNT PAID of the hire fee is FORFEITED, unless boat can be rebooked for the full price. An additional $300 administration fee with be charged for these cancellations.

Xmas Week & New Year Week, 90 days notice is required, less than 90 days then THE DEPOSIT and FULL AMOUNT PAID of the hire fee is FORFEITED unless the boat is re-booked for the full price.
An additional $300.00 cancellation / administration fee will apply to all cancellations or transfer of bookings.

Please note that in the event of a natural disaster of any kind, whether it be cyclones, flooding, fires, tsunami or medical pandemic the policy for rebooking will be enforced, there will be NO REFUND given and the customer ONLY can carry the booking/credit on to another time if the Boyd’s Bay Houseboats in house INSURANCE POLICY was taken and paid for at the time of booking and the terms will be at the discretion of Boyd’s Bay Houseboat Holidays.

In the event that a trip, once commenced is ended early due to any of the reasons above the hirer will ONLY receive a credit for the unused portion of the trip if the in house INSURANCE POLICY was taken and paid for at the time of booking,  NO REFUND will be given.   If a trip is ended early solely by the customer for whatever reason not covered by the above then NO REFUND and NO CREDIT will be given.

We STRONGLY recommend that all customers take out additional TRAVEL INSURANCE to cover them in case of any unexpected cancellations.

Hire Agreement



Boyds Bay Houseboat Holidays and the hirer named below

(The hirer) have entered into this contract for the Hire of the Houseboat: _________________________

From __________________ to _____________________

                         I __________________________________ the hirer acknowledges and agrees:

1. That I understand the conditions of the hire as contained in this agreement and the booking procedure, the risks involved in operating a houseboat, and undertake this hire entirely at my own risk.

2. That the cost of any damage caused to the vessel including, but not limited to, the fixtures and fittings thereon, furnishing and equipment and to any dinghy attached will be met by me to the full value of the amount to cover the cost of any damaged caused by me (the hirer).  Call out fees due to the hirers negligence will be charged, $75 for the call out then an additional $75 per hour thereafter. 

3. In consideration of the Principal hiring the houseboat to me in return for me paying the agreed hire fee, I hereby release and discharge, and keep indemnified the company Blue Water Ventures Pty Ltd from all actions, suits causes of action, claims and demands whether relating to personal injury, death or property damage and whether or not such injury, death or property damage is in any way due to or attributed to any negligent act, breach of duty, fault and/or omission on the part of the Principal, it’s officers, employees, contractors, successors or assigns or the vessel itself, which I may now have or at any time in the future have in respect of or arising out of the hire of the vessel including arriving at and departing from the premises of Boyd’s Bay Houseboat Holidays.

4. The owner represents that, to the best of his knowledge and belief the houseboat including the motor is free from any known faults or deficiencies that would affect safe and reliable operation under normal and prudent usage.

5. The hirer accepts full responsibility for the consequences of their own action should they enter the water and shall rely upon knowledge of their own swimming skills and ability in doing so.

6. That I am over twenty-one (21) years of age.

7. If repairs to the houseboat are needed during the period of the hire the Hirer must immediately notify Boyd’s Bay Houseboat Holidays who shall issue necessary instructions. The Hirer must not arrange for any repairs in service (including refuelling and refilling of water) to the houseboat without the specific authorisation of Boyd’s Bay Houseboat Holidays.

8. The Principal accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage whatsoever to the property of the Hirer or any passengers and/or vehicle of the Hirer that may be parked at the Tweed Marina carpark during the period of the hire.

9. That the security bond, less fuel/gas, and other consumable charges, together with the cost of any repairs and reinstatement of any damage caused or extra cleaning (charged at $100 per hour of part thereof) will be refunded within seven (7) days if I have complied with the condition of hire.

There is an accurate inventory of all items onboard each vessel at the start of your trip. Any items missing or broken on your return including the crab pot, you will be charged for with the amount taken from your bond.

10. That I have been given instruction in the safe handling and navigation of the vessel, operation of equipment, stowage and use of fire and safety appliances, and been informed of the limits of operation of the vessel prior to commencement of the hire and that I will comply with any restrictions or conditions imposed by the relevant authorities and with the provision of all statutes, rules, regulations made thereunder in relation to the use or driving of the houseboat.

11. There is a zero-tolerance policy on drugs onboard, please drink responsibly as there MUST be at least one person under 0,05 % alcohol limit at all times.

12. That I will not approach and/or tie up to any jetties or beaches and that I understand the likelihood of damage from doing so and the cost will be met by me.

13. No operation of the houseboat after sunset or before sunrise. If you are caught driving the houseboat at night your bond will be forfeited immediately.

14. No jumping off the roof of the houseboat, if caught your bond will be forfeited immediately.

15. That I will not permit the number of persons accommodated on the houseboat to exceed 8 on Patricia, 10 on Jean, 8 on Marie Claire, 12 Tweed Princess, 12 Island Dream.

16. There is a sealed first aid kit onboard, if it is opened you MUST write an incident report and hand it in at the end of your trip. The first aid kit is then yours to keep and $20 will be deducted from your bond.

17. No pets/animals,  firearms , fireworks & definitely NO CANDLES are permitted on board by law.

18. NO SMOKING inside any vessel.

19. That I have read and understand these conditions prior to signing.

20. That Boyd’s Bay Houseboat Holidays retains the right to refuse to hire the vessel to any person at any time.



HIRE NAME: ____________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________

TOWN & STATE: _________________________________________________

POST CODE: _____________________________________________________

MOBILE NUMBER________________________________________________

EMAIL: _________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________   DATE: ___________________

OFFICE USE ONLY                                                                VESSEL NAME: ______________________________

              PROP CHECKED   ______________________________________________________________________________________

HOUR METER IN PORT  ____________________     HOUR METER IN STB____________________

HOUR METER OUT PORT____________________   HOUR METER OUT STB____________________

TOTAL HOURS____________________@  $____________PER HOUR

TOTAL FUEL    $___________________                                                 PADDLE BOARD   $_________________  

CRAB POT       $___________________                                                 KIDS LIFE JACKETS_______________________

OUTBOARD    $____________________                                               ADULT LIFE JACKETS_____________________

ICE                    $____________________

BAIT                 $____________________                                               FISHING RODS      $ ________________

KAYAK             $____________________                                                EXTRA SHEETS      $_________________

TOTAL EXPENSES $_________________